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Re: testing

I just passed my Nikyu test two weeks ago and it was an hour long. Longest hour of my life. It was by far the most difficult test I have had to pass. I had my Sensei and three Yudansha sitting in on it. It was also on a very HOT day (no AC in the dojo), and I swear I almost passed out a few times from the heat.

For our Nikyu test the basic layout is: 4 arts from each attack, must have the ability to execute leads from basic arts. Kick defense, ground defense, tanto dori. Must be able to execute any jogi or kengi. Jo jiuwaza (3 techniques).3 person randori, kokyudosa. Must be able to execute any Aiki Taiso (22 total), understand principle of oneness, shodo o seisu, application of basics to self defense, unification of mind and body.

Now, that is just the basic layout. I ended up having to do all 22 Aiki Taiso (some of which we barely do), then I had to come up with another Aiki Taiso not on the normal list. I was asked to do Jogi 1, and Kengi 2 (Kengi 2 I was told by my Sensei I did not have to know, ha ha).Then I did jo jiuwaza. After that I did the four techniques from any attack (techniques are not specified, we are free to choose, each test is a reflection of that person "own aikido"). I think it was 8 or 9 attacks. I did tanto dori, ground, single leg take down, and kick defense. Then I had to do an attack where I was held ryotemochi by two people. Then I had an attack with a person on either side of me grabbing my shoulders with two hands, then kata dori gamnetsuki from the front. That was interesting. Then it was my randori (now 50 minutes into the sweltering test, I got nothing left). 3 person, full force, free attack. That was hard. I was very tired. When that was over one of the Sensei's blindfolded me and had me do nikyo on three different people and then tell him who was: angry, frightened, and happy. Testing my perception/mind. Then it was kokyudosa. And the end!

So, that is a layout for ya. It was a test I will soon not forget.

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