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Re: "Traditional budo" and "Fighting art"

James David wrote:
Chris Guzik,
In response to your first post in this thread. Thank you for you comments. I think that in part the issue could be cultural, a western focus on the individual makes the concepts you present difficult.

I think you are right about the cultural differences changing the way westernerrs typically approach this kind of thing.

An issue that has plagued me, as I will tell, is whether the skill that one develops is a pure matter of learning or whether there is an aspect of innate skill of the student that makes techniques possible. in such as that a movement in aikido goes against instinct, does the proficient student naturally see the progression of technique? If so, Aikido then becomes a paradigm that the astute can understand and improve upon or at least modify to their needs. I think this a necessary condition for the passing of the art form generation to generation. Hmmmm that may be ambiguous….lets try again, ..perhaps there is a point in the study of aikido where you no longer need a teacher…
I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the relationship of being skilled at aikido and being skilled at learning aikido. I used to think these were quite different things but I am not so sure these days.

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