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Ron Tisdale
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Re: quickness & accuracy

" a certain level, 10 lbs of extra strength seems to hurt my technique."

But did it decrease your chances of dominating in a brawl?
That would depend on who I am brawling with. In other words, against a single, weaker, less skilled opponant, 10 lbs of extra strength would be a plus.

Against multiple, stronger, more skilled opponants, bent on serious injury or death, as opposed to general rough housing, I would rather sacrifice 10 lbs of strength for X amount of skill and technique. I've tended not to get into "brawls" since about 22 years of age (I'm 44 now). While I do not view myself as intimidating, some others obviously consider me intimidating enough to think twice about "brawling" with me. In a serious attack, strength is always a consideration, but my own brawn is not my top consideration. If it was, I'd be lifting weights on some more than occational basis. Not training aikido.

Also, since I do train in aikido, I tend not to focus on 'dominating' so much as 'surviving'...I don't want to struggle to win. I want to step outside of winning and losing if possible. If that means getting roughed up a bit to survive...I hope my ego can stand that. On the other hand, I try not to let myself be weak, either.

Ron (best of all possible worlds is, obviously, best... )

Ron Tisdale
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