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Ron Tisdale
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Re: quickness & accuracy

I agree Charles. I know us yoshin orgres (or is that orcs?) like to move forward, but against someone cutting off angles, larger, stronger, with good striking skills, it's not always possible. Learning to deal with that is an important addition to the arsenal.

I've been thinking a bit how unarmed aikido is at something of a disadvantage...without some type of weapon/skill for enforcing ma ai, aikido becomes very difficult in certain situations. I think the discussions around generating power from the use of kokyu ryoku can help here. That power might function as one of the methods of enforcing ma ai. Weapons are an obvious one as well. Striking ability might be another. Mental composure and the ability to work going backwards at angles to the attack is another. But without those, enforcing ma ai where movement alone is insufficient is an interesting problem.


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