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Re: quickness & accuracy

It seems that people tend to miss the point that David is addressing within the parameters of these videos. That is:
David Valadez wrote:
...It is like this. You have these beautiful Aikido tactics, but in order to get in a place where they would be applicable, in the way they were designed to be applicable, you need a whole other set of skills that are very hard to attain through Kihon Waza training alone. However, it is not that I am suggesting that we should seek to train against "types" of attackers. Rather, we should be interested in the cultivation of a mind that in its maturity is capable of addressing more situations than just that which is mimicked in Kihon Waza (when it is being understood as a combative dynamic)...
To ask the question what would you do in this or that situation is to miss the point.

Restrictions are put in place to force the person to "deal" with the "attacker". As they progress then the restrictions are removed.

To allow shite/nage to end with a technique would just be a continuation of training for specific scenerios and would not neccessarily bring one to a level of being able to apply spontaneous Aiki in a realistic manner.

(or have I missed your point David?)

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