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Re: testing

Adam Huss wrote:
I was wondering how other peoples dan tests are. I have heard that in Japan they are quite short...more like a demo than a test. Our's are about average....shodan is like 45-55 minutes long, usually depending on how many times sensei wants to see a technique and how well you do on the question/answer/technique teaching portion/s.
Our shodan tests last for about 40-50 mins, I would say, but I havenīt seen that many yet. If it is longer then that means you are either doing really badly (and they want to give you a chance by letting you go on for longer) or really well (and they are enjoying the show, as it were).

The test consists of

i) all techniques learned for all of the kyu grade tests
ii) aiki no kata (kata performed with uke, consisting of ikkyo to gokyo)
iii) "new" techniques for shodan (tenchi nage, sumi otoshi, kokyo nage)
iv) randory (jiju waza) against one attacker
v) theoretical test where one has to talk about some principle of aikido in front of the testing board (this doesnīt have to be done if the testee has completed a three weekīs teacherīs training course for aikido)
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