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Re: quickness & accuracy

David Valadez wrote:
The following video in particular demonstrates what I am talking about in regards to things like metsuke and Angle of Deflection, as they are related to the mind (and the connection the mind has to the body).
Hi David,

I have just watched your video; and I like your drill. Some question… is the shite allowed to execute a technique in response to your feint and attacks? Or rather in this drill, are they only allowed to block and evade? It is just that I see many opportunity to apply technique as the uke comes in to attack.

Just curious… why does the shite keep moving back? This could just be my training, but I am drilled to irimi, irimi or more irimi into uke's zone; sort of tying up uke's ability to strike. If uke is coming fast and furious at me, then it is tenkan tenkan and more tenkan. We do not move backwards, as it allows more continuous attacks to follow.

Nonetheless, it is a good method of training. Gambatte!


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