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Re: Bujin dogi - Womens Style

I had a bujin's women dogi top and really enjoyed it. It lasted me about four years and I trained pretty hard with it. I live in Florida and the lightweight version was very nice to have. Also, I'm well-endowed and having a dogi top that doesn't fall open is really nice.

What I did notice, is that it would yellow in the armpits really easily. It is thin, but not as thin as some other karate gis. It's not made of regular judo dogi fabric. I sweat a lot and no matter what I did it yellowed really quickly. I would wear t-shirts to protect it and wash it after each practice, but that didn't even help. After about four years, it stunk way too badly even after being bleached a couple of times in a row. I stopped wearing because of that.

Anne Marie Giri
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