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Re: Tsuki Kotegaeshi Ura??


I wanted to second Janet, it really is best to ask someone in your dojo what your sensei wants to see. I'm USAF, too and train with Peter Bernath, we're Eastern Region. I'll try and help you.

The key whether something is omote or ura is the end of the technique -- at least for the USAF. Think of which direction are you going around uke? If you go behind, it is ura and if you go in front, it is omote. You can open with tenkan and then end with omote. To figure this out -- say you do a tenkan, then stretch the uke out and to the technique. When you do the technique do you step in front of uke or do you step behind the uke? If you want to do ura after a tenkan you need to step back with your front foot, the uke will go backwards. You're taking uke's balance backwards in this ura version. If you are doing omote after a tenkan, I believe you will stetch them out and then step forward with your front foot at an angle in front of uke. Here you will be taking uke's balance forwards in this omote version.

Of course what I just wrote makes sense, to me. If it makes no sense to you, then that is really why you need to ask someone senior than you or your sensei.

Anne Marie Giri
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