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Re: Poll: How good do you feel is the overall attacking skills ability at your aikido dojo?

I recently filmed a class for a project and was greatly surprised at the wide variation in attacking styles and skills within our dojo.

Most specifically, the students with only an Aikido background attacked very similarly and received very effectively, whereas I found my own attacks were rebutted in a totally different way (I come from a largely Karate background).

In context of another martial art, it would probably be argued that my style of attack is of a higher level of skill, however I believe that it adversely affected the way the technique was received, and resulted in my being thrown harder and further than the other students.

Interestingly though, and after many many hours of editing tape, I found myself looking to vary my attacking technique to resemble the style of the other students. I believe, after watching the footage and trying to vary my technique, that the difference in attacking skill and style radically alters your ukemi experience
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