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Marc Kupper
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Re: Poll: How good do you feel is the overall attacking skills ability at your aikido dojo?

I believe that it's hard to do an evaluation (self or otherwise) of driving, attack skills, aikido, etc. as much of it is subjective and would be based on our own experience/background. I could go to another dojo or dojang and may be "different" than what I normally practice but I try to avoid the use of labels like "better" or "worse."

I'm also not sure what is meant by good/excellent "attacking skills" that could be applied to myself. Would that mean being able to adapt the attack and ukemi from moment to moment so that it's never inappropriate? Or does that getting well schooled in "attacks" -- specifically engaging in a conflict and resolving it in such a way so that only my own point of view is the one that mattered?

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