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Re: "Traditional budo" and "Fighting art"

Clouds in the West: Lessons from the Martial Arts of Japan
By Dave Lowry
Lyons Press, 2004.
US$21.95 (+$6 shipping).
ISBN: 1-59228-590-2.
213 p. 6" x 9 1/4" hardcover.
Now available direct from Koryu Books!
Other books by Dave Lowry at
Articles by Dave Lowry at

Is the book by Lowry that I'm reading. Its a good'un. I wrote something for AJ that was partly based on what we've been talking about, what I've been reading in that book, and what I've been thinking about for some time. You can find it here:

Well I guess you can practice the sword, with real swords, wouldn't that be safe for uke?
There are some koryu groups that practice kata very seriously with live blades under qualified instruction. It was quite hair raising the time I tried it. I would only recommend it to very serious folk with a very qualified instructor.


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