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Re: "Traditional budo" and "Fighting art"

Chris Guzik,
In response to your first post in this thread. Thank you for you comments. I think that in part the issue could be cultural, a western focus on the individual makes the concepts you present difficult. here in Australia we are a little more towards the left of thinking and tend to think of the greater good, call me red go on!!, but its true that when you think of your self as part of a greater whole you have a different appreciation of what you learn. To give into a learning has a kind of faith. For me this is one of the things that I most desired to learn in the study of aikido!!

An issue that has plagued me, as I will tell, is whether the skill that one develops is a pure matter of learning or whether there is an aspect of innate skill of the student that makes techniques possible. in such as that a movement in aikido goes against instinct, does the proficient student naturally see the progression of technique? If so, Aikido then becomes a paradigm that the astute can understand and improve upon or at least modify to their needs. I think this a necessary condition for the passing of the art form generation to generation. Hmmmm that may be ambiguous….lets try again, ..perhaps there is a point in the study of aikido where you no longer need a teacher…
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