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Dirk Hanss
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Re: Religion and Aikido

Paige Frazier wrote:
What is Baha'i? I dont think i've even heard of it. I'm just curious, could you tell me more about it and what it is based on? Thanks.

Well, I do not think, we should present here all kinds of religion. You can find a lot under or

As I understood Baha'i was founded in the second half of the 19th century in Persia (IRAN). The idea of equality of all people, global peace, and love to all mankind seems to be quite similar to Omoto-Kyo. So it is not surprising that aikido fits well into Baha'i.

Jennifer, if you found your way, it is fine. And yes, I guess aikido is one of the martial arts that fits well to the ideas of Baha'i. Maybe both can help improving the other. So be welcome.

Peaceful greetings Dirk
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