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quickness & accuracy

Hey everybody. I watched this video today:

and it got me thinking about how real attacks often come in flurries, very quickly closing distance between the two parties and even when the attacker's technique is sloppy at best, it can be so quick and aggressive that it may be difficult to pull off a technique. I think the best preparation one can have is to have realistic-type training in the dojo, where (at least every now and then) uke goes a little nuts and attacks in flurries like that with full energy and aggression. I could see myself, however, missing an attackers arm and ending up getting socked in the pressure of the situation.

Any tips other than train, train, and train some more?

In thinking about it more, perhaps mental training is the most important preparation for this attack--or any other. If you stay calm and focused and ignore the hits you do receive, you should be able to complete a technique or two.

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