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Originally posted by taro
I'm still a little unclear about what kihon-dosa is. I was under the impression that they were a series of aikido waza strung together. But from your last post, I'm getting the impression that they are in fact not waza at all, only body movements that resemble waza.
Thats right, kihon dosa are short excercises designed to give us the 'building-blocks' to construct techniques with. I haven't seen the Yoshinkan kihon dosa, but we also use kihon dosa (which are different excercises to the Yoshinkan ones)in Shodokan style, a whole sequence of excercises to build up fundamental skills and concepts, which most shodokan dojos practice at the beginning of each session.

I think you were confusing kihon dosa with kata. All styles of aikido seem to have kata with weapons, but as far as I know neither Aikikai nor Yoshinkan have kata which are sequences of empty-handed waza.

That kind of kata is pretty much only practiced in the styles of aikido inspired by Prof. Tomiki, (Shodokan is the 'mainstream' Tomiki-style, but there are others), and is quite similar in style to judo kata.

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