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Re: What Makes a Technique an "Aikido" Technique?

The way you train is the result of your technique e.g., you react in accordance with the way you have trained so, I would not, in my humble opinion sum up aikido simply as the way you train if you say that other arts use techniques that are in-part similar or even them same.

What makes aikido what it is, is a culmination of many things. I can find Aiki in just about anything. For example, orenaite in someone picking up an object in front of them or pushing a lawn mower, etc.. The thing is that although I recognize aiki in someone, they are not aware of the concept in which they are somewhat applying.

Since I have trained aiki, when I recognize a concept, to me it is aiki; to someone else it could be peanut butter and jelly. Different arts percieve things differntly but as an aikidoka, I see all things aiki and that is all I need be concerned with.
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