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Re: Video clip Iwama Aikido

Your idea is clear to me, David. Those things to which you have paid attention really doesn't suffice in our demonstrations. However, I can object. Spontaneous Aiki is well for training in a dojo, (or for protection against a real foe) And I, frequently being in role Uke of a sensei, on my "skin" know that this such. But, good demonstration should be planned, that there were no "unforeseen" situations on eyes at hundreds spectators, if suddenly something went not as necessary. I think, that demonstration is not training, it is SHOW, there is no place to mistakes, the big responsibility for that people did not respond badly about Aikido. I hope, that after years of persistent trainings, we shall come nearer to that on demonstrations to show spontaneous, present (real) Aikido.
Also I want to thank you, David for fine article "Interaction of Uke and Nage during trainings". At ourselves in Dojo we recommend all to read this article. Personally I, after perusal began less loyally concern to partners of higher level, than I . Thanks.
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