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Re: Bokken vs Bokken

"The idea is to transmit the energy completely," explained my sensei. "Just like a cue ball striking another ball."

With that, he used his bokken to strike on top of another bokken. Holding this bokken was Dave, his close student. There was the sound of the sticks hitting, then Dave's bokken broke in two.

A flustered sensei got Dave another bokken and completed the demonstration. But the most interesting thing from the demonstration was the broken bokken. I should say "things", because there were now two pieces.

There was no shattering or splinters from the two pieces. It looked as if the pieces had broken off each other, the way a piece of flint is broken off the main rock. There didn't seem to be any faults within the grain of the bokken. There were no other cracks or splits.

Both the holder and demonstrator were very experience. This was the only time anything like this had happened.

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