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Re: Bujin dogi - Womens Style

I have two, one lightweight one heavyweight, and I just ordered two more lightweight ones. I've had the lightweight one for about three years, and worn it consistently, and it shows no sign of falling apart, so I'm definitely getting my money's worth out of it. Mary Kaye, I wash mine on "gentle" and hang them to dry, which has worked out for me so far. I don't like the feel of the heavyweight one. It has never softened up, and pops open more than the lightweight one.

Because I do have fairly substantial breasts, the cut of the gi and the ties on the sides are excellent, and make it much more comfortable than the men-accommodating dogi I've had. If you're a little smaller in the chest, I don't think that the cut will really be of that much benefit to you.

The expense is the downside to these, and it's going to be a bigger downside, since starting Sept. 1, Bujin is going to raise its prices. So if you want one, order it now.


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