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Bokken vs Bokken

I'm not sure where this would go so feel free to move it.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has seen or heard one bokken actually cutting another bokken (both wood) in half. Now I don't mean breaking, I am actually talking about cutting that is clean and smooth on both ends.

The story goes that sensei and one of the advanced guys were doing suburi pretty enthusiastically (read full force) with the bokken (before someoen screams WHA!!! at the higher levels they do the same stuff with dulled live blades) and sensei actually cut the other guy's bokken in half. This has been told a couple times and backed up by everyone in the school at the time.

I'm slightly skeptical about this but I guess it is possible if one metal sword can shear off another one and a piece of straw can penetrate a telephone pole.
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