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Re: Bujin dogi - Womens Style

I have owned two of Bu Jin's lighter weight womens' gi tops; the first one is literally shredding at the hems, the second is just worn. The fabric is a little fragile, but *very* comfortable in hot weather.

The womens' tailoring doesn't particularly strike me one way or the other, but the lighter weight of the neck yoke is very nice--my regular unisex gi always feels as though it's grinding into my neck. For a more lavishly built women I think the little internal ties that keep it closed no matter what could be quite useful.

I'm torn between wanting another one because the light fabric is so comfortable, and being reluctant to spend the money on something that wears out so fast. I should probably find a gentler way to wash them, but even so, they aren't the sturdiest.

Mary Kaye
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