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Video clip Iwama Aikido

Greetings to all! Here references to interesting video in which it is possible to see level of development Aikido Iwama in Russia.

Buki Waza Iwama Aikido are carried out base technics and various variations Aiki-Jo and Old Ken-Tai-Jo
(about 6 Mb)

TaiJutsu Iwama Aikido the set technics with empty hands is shown.
(about 5 Mb)

Jyu Waza free moving from attacks of 2 partners simultaneously is shown.
(about 2 Mb)

Tanto Dori protection against attacks with the REAL knife is shown.
(about 4 Mb)

Randori One against 4 armed opponents. Simultaneous attack.
(about 3 Mb)

Enjoy viewing! Paberu.
Takemusu Aiki Iwama Ivanovo
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