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Keith Larman
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Re: bokken comparison (long post)

FWIW I have a couple bokken. My "fancy" bokken is a custom made bokken by Kim Taylor of Sei Do Kai up in Canada. He used Pao Ferro (I think another name is Brazilian ironwood). It is hard, dense and relatively heavy. Good for scaring the newbies.

I have a white oak bokken from e-bogu. Very nicely done and with a very audible tachikaze when properly used. Light and fast but I haven't done much whacking things with it.

I also have a white oak bokken I bought through Bugei Trading. It is actually the same brand that Kim Taylor is now distributing. They're making some very nice white oak weapons in various styles. One I have has a bo-hi (groove) and is *LOUD* when swung right. Fun piece.

If you want something custom, Kim Taylor is great as is Kingfisher. Just to add some agreement with others...

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