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Re: Aikido vs....

Keith and Michael,

Indeed, I am very fortunate to train under Mr. Harris. He truly is a young master and gifted teacher, I can't say enough about how he's advanced my BJJ skills. He's a living example that you can train in multiple arts and achieve expert status in each.

I've talked with him at length about Aikido, and his take (as well as Dan Inosanto's) is this: It all boils down to training method. All arts can be effective, but you have to do attribute training to fuel your techniques, and do plenty of non-resistant repetitions (kata) before graduating to a "live" environment. But that last step has to take place.

Whenever he gets kotegaeshi on someone while grappling, Mr. Harris playfully shouts "AIKIDO!" as the person goes down. It's also on some of his instructionals. He loves that lock and loves to show that yes, these techniques DO work. It's all about how you train them...

Roy Dean
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