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Re: bokken comparison (long post)

I have two bokkens (cocobolo and honduras rosewood) from AIKIWOOD.COM .Paid about $90 each for them and ive had them i guess for about 2 years. Theyre as good as the day i got them even after alot of contact. But i take care of them , at least once a month i lightly sand them to get the marks off (from other bokken and jo) and put a thin coat of tung oil finish on them ( some perfer pure tung oil) , I transport them in a weapons bag (to protect from drastic temp changes) ,never store thenm in a car, and i keep them on a weapons rack and not leaned up against a wall.
One thing about aikiwoods bokkens is that they are a little thicker and heavier than most bokkens , which i love for contact (and maybe helps it from warping), but if you have really small hands it might be a problem.But i placed an order for my god- daughter for a smaller thin bokken and it was perfect for her small hands, just had to request it
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