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Thumbs down Re: Lifting Uke --- not!

Mongo wrote:

Some real good advice that helped me with koshinage (besides lots of practice) was to stop trying to lift uke up. Instead, you should have uke's balance (from the irimi) to the point where uke practically falls over your hips. The position you need to be in for most koshi techniques is difficult at first, but if you practice getting well under uke's center and extending them out over your hips, uke will have no option but to take the fall. As I posted here earlier, Ikeda's sensei's koshinage tape is an excellent place to start !

Good luck!

Mongo [/b]

Thanks! I'll try to make my center lower than that of my uke. But what if my uke is a lot smaller than me? If my center is higher than my uke's then I'd be trying to carry him/her.

- Adrian

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