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Re: Aiki Doh's

Anyone else besides me ever hit yourself with some part of your uke? Like the uke's elbow to the face during ikkyo?

Once a couple weeks ago we were practicing techniques from an attacker while seated at a table. Well, I got a little enthusiastic and threw everything I had into my attack and nage took me over himself in a variation that could best be described as a "yonkyo-nage" and resulted in a full face-plant+shoulder lock on myself about 6 feet from where I left the ground.

The best one is from about a year ago now. I was doing MMA/BJJ stuff with a friend who had a fight in a few weeks. He was working a spider-guard on me and I shot in to try to prevent the armbar I saw coming only it wasn't an amrbar.... Turns out he was trying for a triangle and thrust his hips up at the same time I went down. This led to me getting my nose busted on his cup. So far that is about the most painful-amusing thing that has ever happened to me.
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