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Re: "Traditional budo" and "Fighting art"

Keith you got me there but only a little bit.

I didn't write my opinions straight away to my first post because I wanted to see how ppl address this rather... unconcrete question.

Now it is quite sport proven, that this "art" part of judo - for example judo kata, remembering the names of techniques etc have quite nothing to do with the success in sport. So time spent on these could be spent on more practical things - and this mindset is spreading.

BUT what MY main point is it's not combat efficiency but the exact "human and character development" which is mystically obtained to "budo". That how these rituals/kata/hierarchyphilosophy make for better (calmer/more efficient/more tolerant/peaceful) human beings.

Could that be also obtained in highly combat or sport oriented live training enviroment with NO history NO hierarchy NO rituals NO titles NO written or specific philosophy etc?

I say with a right mindset - yes. Obviously that mindset can't be 100% sport result oriented mindset and EVEN that VERY definately builds character (in case the coach is not an ass of course) - willpower and accepting losses. Now if we move away from sport a bit (but still have some sport-mindset to SD and such), we can add the PLAY factor. It's fun, it's relaxing. It brings together very different people who help eachother in training. It humbles 'cause there's always someone better than you and you can't doubt it. It calms you 'cause you know your abilities and learn to be calm through being calm in very physical confrontation.

I am obviously biased here due to my personal experiences:

I have had people flip out and YELL at me on a Aikido seminar over just asking a question. I have seen a 3rd dan ...I think there's no better word than torture a BLIND aikidoka. I have seen people ARGUE who has the RIGHT form of technique. I have seen people competitively wrestle over potentially dangerous jointlocks at a seminar. I have seen COUNTLESS people who's attitude towards me was different because I wore a whitebelt. Cocky attitudes and cranking towards people who one thinks are "less than them". People who do not want to train with lower belts 'cause they think there's nothing in for them. I've seen karate senseis insult people. Karate brownbelt (a girl, had practiced 3 years) saying that "I don't dare to compete, I'm afraid I might kill someone". JuJutsu coaches letting people in first day do high ukemi over 3 chairs (one girl broke a finger never came back) and the list goes on.

And this is the budo which helps spiritual development? Which helps people to deal with themselves better?

Now of course I've seen total d*cks in sport-oriented gyms. But MOST of the people (and I've dealt with many wrestlers, very not-traditional sport karateka, judoka, boxers) are humble, friendly and helpful EVEN if they do not understant you or your perspective (yet). I have/train in s sport-mindset-alive training SD gym (with all the NO's described above) now. I have people training together and helping eachother who in street would look upon eachother and think what a geek/what an idiot. I have adults playing games and smiling after a hard days work at factory. I have higher belts (we have BJJ belts when gi-class though we train other things as well) training and teaching and learning with and from lower belts. I have people who can't take a loss and now their getting towards they can accept one. I have a person who was shy and quiet and now she has social life (besides training as well). I have a person who totally tensed up when someone touched him and it's getting MUCH better after 3 months. I have everybody getting in better shape (healthy mind in healthy body). this not... budo?
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