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Re: "Traditional budo" and "Fighting art"

And actually the more I think of it, the more wrong I think you are. My Judo examinations are alot tougher than anything I experienced in Aikido and I think for my rank, I generally know alot more about Judo than the equivalent Aikidoka knows about Aikido.

First of all, testing in my Judo organization is usually done by an instructor from a different school and it then needs to go through the full board of examiners for approval, a procedure that is usually only required for blackbelt in other arts. And there is frequent denial of promotions for a myriad of reasons.

For my last exam (4th kyu) I was required to

1) demonstrate 16 different throws, 8 holdowns, 6 chokes, and 4 armbars appropriate for my experience level.
2) I was required to then take a written examination containing the fundementals of Judo, the terms, and history.
3) I was required to have the necessary time in grade to be considered for promotion.
4) And finally I had to demonstrate my abilty in competition by having the required amount of wins for promotion.

Non-competitors generally must have double the time in grade and must have participation in other events like clinics and volunteering for Judo events, and they are expected to demonstrste the techniques better than the competitors.

So there is no lack of transmission of the art in my sport oriented Judo organization.

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