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Re: "Traditional budo" and "Fighting art"

Keth Lee,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it a bunch of seriously dedicated aikido people all making pretty much the same points you were in the exaggeration in aikido thread - all arguing with one guy who is still relatively new to aikido? Maybe your experience outside of this forum is different - okay, fine. But then maybe mention that. If I mis-remember that thread, then my apologies. I thought exaggeration in aikido was a good name for that thread.

I think aikido can be what people claim it to be, but:
1) a large percentage of people training are in the kyu ranks, and high kyus and low dans aren't all that much more sophisticated than people brand new to the art. It takes a long time.
2) Then, we have the people lost in delusion accepting high ranks which they want to believe represent their martial ability when we all know it represents loyalty and ability to teach beginners clearly, etc.
3) So, there are not going to be a whole bunch of aikidoka with tremendous sophistication - but that's not really aikido's fault - it's just the way things are. To get those relatively few people (comparatively speaking) we accept the problems of not constantly competing - until a level that few attain before we start applying pressure that might meet with your approval.

If you want to be mad at delusional people, good. Help wake them up. But please don't say it can't work.

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