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Re: History of Black Belt?

Manuel Delgado-Eberhardt wrote:
What I was trying to convey was wondering how the significance of the black belt went from a committed student to one of high esteem.
Perhaps it came about during the boom in Bruce Lee (and others) movies; we are a culture that looks for absolutes and simple imagery.
Q. What coloured belt does that @$$-kicker have?
A. Black.

And bingo, a stereotype is born. Of course, no-one thought to ask "Hey. Is there more than one black belt?" Perhaps learning that in fact there are more levels to black than there are for white (in most grading schemes) would have avoided placing too much significance on black.

Nevermind the fact that some very talented and skilled 2nd kyus are "better" than your average shodan, or that some nidans should never have obtained a rank higher than ikkyu. IMO.

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