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Re: History of Black Belt?

One member of my dojo was really shocked that it would take at least 4 years to get shodan in aikido, he was thinking about 2 years or so. for me I think shodan was more like 6 years. last year an exchange student took a shodan test for kendo after 9 months, she didn't pass but she was close apparently. a teacher at my school (I work at a high school) was a 5 dan in kendo and was about 23, 24. in aikido that was would be pretty impossible. a friend of mine doing judo got shodan after about a year and a half. a lot of my students who are in their last year of high school, who started shorinji kempo 3 years ago are taking 2 dan this year.
that's all I know about other martial arts, but to me, it seems a black belt isn't that big a deal in japan.

I am often surprised when I see that some members of my dojo get shodan. it makes me feel that shodan really is the beginning and not even close to the middle.
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