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Re: Kata Training and Aikido

Here's Jorgen's post copied and pasted until it is moved here:
Okay here it comes:

1. Instill a clear mindedness during a crisis. : it is not clear which crisis Dustin Meant. I understand it like... I mean... I used to make jo-kata in my head while at dentist's. It helped But undoubtedly there are many various methods for the same purpose. None of them has to do with combat effectiveness is my point of view.

2. Develop the student's ability to use mushin.: yes, I think that I understand that. Maybe doing kata helps oneself to learn to switch to "mushin" mode so it can also be "switched" during let's say physical confrontation or any other situation that needs concentration. But again is it kata specific? Does for example shadowboxing have the same purpose? Lifting weights? Meditation? I for example have found that I am able to enter the "no mind" mindset when sparring. So it teaches me to switch AND is highly effective proven training method.

3. Help build unity between thought and action. : what does not?
4. Provide a technical and physical foundation.: Why does this need so many different and specific kata forms? Couldn't one just aquire the most basic form and then drill it against progressive resistance? I advocate "dry" training of technique for about 15 minutes max. Not YEARS like in perfecting a kata.

5. Train large numbers of students rapidly to be battle ready.: What is kata's value from combat point of view was the original main question. This is not an answer.

6. Discipline. Well... how exactly?

7. Provide physical conditioning. There are way more effective ways for conditioning.

8. Something else to perfect and meditate on as is the Japanese way. Legit and undeniable point but has nothing to do with martial arts or self defence or physical capability per se.

Yes I know I have a rather cocky and arrogant style of writing but that's just me and should not affect the fact that I'm trying to be rational underneath. Also I hope that noone automatically thinks I'm a selfish and rigid punk who is not worth discussing with.

Oops Jun, could you move that post too?
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