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Irimi and the relativity of simultaneity

This is a really good forum!! From a physics point of view, all [physical]motion is relative [to the observers frame of reference].Therefore Nage and Uke are both in motion relative to each other and both frames of reference are valid. Irimi is thus defined as the motion of Nage and Uke toward each other, regardless of their movement relative to some other frame of reference. Patrick Cassidy Sensei - Kashi No Ki Dojo/Aikido Of Fresno, has said-and I paraphrase greatly: '...for Awase to occur...first Nage must have Kokyu...then Ki No Musubi (with Uke/everything else)...', without both of these Awase cannot happen. O'Sensei called Kokyu the 'Circle of Steel'and one definition of Kokyu is: an unimpeded flow of power(Physically composed of Tai Sabaki with coordinated breathing). Broadly speaking, I think of Kokyu as an unimpeded flow or extension of mental and spiritual awareness/Ki, as well. In this sense one is always 'entering'. In miyamoto musashi's 'A Book Of Five Rings', he admonishes us that 'waiting is bad'; a master of [Martial]strategy must control the rhythym of a every encounter. So, in this context an Aikidoka never waits, and Irimi embodies the Martial essence of AIKIDO. -W^2
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