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Anat Amitay
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Re: Aggressive aikidoka

Sorry for the late posting and I admit not reading all the replies, so I'm sorry if I'm rewriting things.
As I did see- you should talk with your sensei, and it is right that assulting you outside the dojo is an offence, and if it consists- you can and I think- should- report him/them to the police. (if they think it's a joke, tell them that calling the police seemed like a joke and guess who's laughing now- maybe that will put some sense into them.
Second of all- if that person acts as they do- WHY do you continue picking them up for practice??? you owe them nothing! you're helping them and that's how they treat you??? I would tell them to look for some other "sucker" (sorry) and not take them anymore.
Apart from that, in class, I would not train with them. If they bow to me, I would quietly say that they constantly hurt me and I refuse to train with them. If everyone else is already partnered, I will sit quietly or join into a triple training, better than getting hurt and not training at all.
Hope this works out, please let us know what's happening.
Enjoy training!!!!
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