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Re: Aikido vs. Escrima/Kali

I'm not a kata man myself, but I think they're supposed to be the first step of a training progression to take the uninitiated first into kata (so they have some tools with which to work) and then into "bunkai" - where they are now expected to start actually taking some ownership of their own training by having to come up with situations that fit parts of their kata. I wouldn't say that this is top level training, but it gets people started. Obviously (to me) they will also do some one-step and later more advanced sparring - where they would _eventually_ be expected to find their kata coming out (or showing up) under the pressure of those drills. I think the combination of that with the bunkai is kind of like the inside-out and outside-in approach to developing better understanding for those movements they find to be of core importance to their art. For some reason, I have the *assumption* (not proof what-so-ever due to no interest in actual research of this idea) that such arts probably were assuming that if someone were to attack you in a real life situation they would have a weapon (or both of you would). I just assumed that such arts were doing an entire training progression to best handle such a situation (in their opinion).

As I see it, this is the only time in history (now that we have such great police forces combined with leisure time) that there can be a good expectation that if you are going to get into a fight the person might not have a weapon. Kata might not fit training for this point in history as well but then again, no martial arts really fits into a point in history where anyone can be heavily armed - or someone can push a button and blow everyone up. So to me, sorry if I'm jumping here, but all of them really should be studied for the sake of being fun, and interesting, and of having a practice.

I am interesterd in the opinion of BJJers about do you think the trapping range skills would give you an advantage while someone is trying to get into clinching range or would it be negligable?

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