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Re: Aikido vs. Escrima/Kali

Dustin Acuff wrote:
I know my understanding is quite limited. I am stating my beliefs and understandings at the moment. I also hope to be corrected if I am wrong.
Truly I wasn't trying to be condescending or anything like that.

For example in the Shodokan (Tomiki) system you watch a high kyu grade do the tanto randori no kata. At that level he's working on the fluidity of movement, technically correct placement of his appendages and body, some concern with timing and body movement. In fact he is hoping that when his next shinsa comes along he will have an uke who knows what he is doing.

Now you look at the same kata performed by two yon dans or talented san dans. Both roles are performed in an entirely different manner and emphasis. The speed and power can be incredible and all those aspects that the kyu grades have been working on have become internalized. The best take it pretty close to the edge and considering that randori improves kata and kata improves randori it gets to the point where you can barely see the difference between the two.

Hope that helps.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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