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ok, thanks for the tips

the Zen story reminds me of FightClub and Karate Kid
Buddy has some good tips though, thanks.

L. Camejo:
Thanks for your help.
1. The school I have been going to wasn't affiliated with either aikikai or yoshinkan or any other 'federation' as far as I know. So I can't really continue what I've been doing. I'll be exposed to something different either way. Up until I've had no choice. This was the only aikido school in town. I'm wondering whether you meant stick to the same style of aikido or to the same style of martial art. If you meant the former, do you think it would be that bad to go from an predominantly aikikai style of teaching to yoshinkan?

2. Will definitley look for this.

3. Could you please elaborate on this point?
I'm not clear on what you meant by
"...controls the class..."
"...facilitating the progress...", and
"...natural flow..."

4. what specifically made you make the comment that Yoshinkan would be a better bet for self-defense?

5. I've already had to miss about 3 months of training because of work, but I'll try not to sign up with the first school I visit

Thanks everybody.
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