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Re: Aikido vs....

What we are finding today is that as people mature in the martial arts in the west...that there is much more out there that can be accomplished and there is no one path. Guys like your instructor have found that the traditional ways are not the best way to train for those that have goals other than following the DO.

Exactly! And keep in mind I'm in a SU art not a DO art.

I find it interesting that DO arts evolved from the SU arts. We saw the DO arts brought to the west really since WWII. Now we are seeing the DO arts evolve back into the SU arts as those that have studied them are rediscovering the roots of what the DO arts were based on!

I think that it is possible that the DO arts are the same as they always were, but for a time DO arts became more of a cult-like spritual movement because in the West the understanding of the principles and the cultural connotations were lost. Just a thought.
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