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Re: Aikido vs....

Dustin, applicable for what?

It depends on your goals. I study much differently with my Army Combatives program than I do in aikido. One does not negate the other though.

What matters is your personal goals.

If it is to become an effective bouncer, police officer, or to develop skills as a member of the military to assist you with clearing buildings, then aikido is probably not the most effective methodology for training. Certainly there are aspects of the art that are. I always draw from my aikido background to teach guys, but I am not doing aikiDO.

If your focus is in studying the path or way to peace and harmony...I can really think of no bettter way than aikido. Taiji Chaun is a bit esoteric for me it kinda skirts the whole conflict thing and is really like a PhD program. Aikido strikes a good balance between the internal skills, center/balance and principles and dealing with attacks....(sort of like a Masters Degree). Where as karate DO, tends to be more external.

It is not Aikido vs..... it is really ridiculous to take a DO art and apply it to a limited scenario.

I'd say the traditional methods are relevant to the traditional goals.

What we are finding today is that as people mature in the martial arts in the west...that there is much more out there that can be accomplished and there is no one path. Guys like your instructor have found that the traditional ways are not the best way to train for those that have goals other than following the DO.

What we see is that MMAs are becoming legitimate in their own does not discredit the DO, but may discredit it as a path for a particular individual.

I find it interesting that DO arts evolved from the SU arts. We saw the DO arts brought to the west really since WWII. Now we are seeing the DO arts evolve back into the SU arts as those that have studied them are rediscovering the roots of what the DO arts were based on!
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