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Need Suggestions For Learning...

I've come to the realization that in my search for a new dojo(moving to a new city), the biggest factor will be finding a teaching style that suits my learning style the most. I think I'm leaning towards Yoshinkan's step-by-step kata method, but I'm not sure what I'm sacrificing by not learning the Aikikai's way.

I'm hoping to hear from the instructors here about their experience with students.

1. What FACTORS should I consider when choosing a teaching/learning style?

2. Any questions I should ask a prospective sensei/instructor?

3. What should I look for when visiting a dojo?

4. What should I ask MYSELF when considering training methods(not sure how well I know myself as far as my learning style)?

5. Any considerations I've missed?

My goal at this point is to prepare myself in making a choice (next month, when I move) that will maximize my efforts in training. I want to be sure that I've chosen a place to train that is most congruent with my learning style. I have a tendency to want to try everything, but I would really like to maintain a steady training routine for as long as possible. Thanks for any help.
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