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Re: Aikido vs....

Wow! I though this thread proved that we did not know enough aikido to ever claim that we knew anything about it....did I miss something??? I also thought it was supposed to prove that you could not make an Aikido vs ? post because since you don't know aikido you cannot know if you could defend yourself because it might not be "true" aikido??

And as to training 2 MAs keeping you from progressing in either: the samurai were expeced to be proficient with the sword (kenjitsu), spear (sojitsu or yarijitsu), bow (kyujitsu), swimming, horsemanship, knife (tantojitsu), staffs (bo and jo jitsu), and to top it off they were expected to have a functional knowledge of the courtly disciplines -- calligraphy, poetry, literacy, etc. when they were not at war. Sokaku Takeda was said to have mastered all 18 traditional martial arts -- I dare you to tell him or anyone in his faimly that they are stupid and hindering themselves because Daito generally comes complete with all the basic weapons curriculum as well as jujitsu and aikijujitsu levels. O Sensei at the least studied the sword, spear and Daito Ryu. I agree that training in two seprate arts is in general not a good idea, but since MAs are a hobby and not a lifestyle anymore it is sometimes the only way. It is better to study one thing at a time and really throw yourself into it, but it just isn't possible most of the time if you value eating or if you need a wide variety of skills relatively quickly.
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