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Mike Collins
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Re: Does Budo require a sense of shame?

I've just scanned this thread, I'll really read it in earnest tomorrow morning.

As I understand the shame you're talking about, I'd say Aikido/Budo is not possible with out it. If you never feel shame, you're probably not looking with real humility. If you never feel pride, you're probably not looking with real humility. (If you never feel shame for your pride, well, maybe you're just a sociopath).

I feel shame all the time, at various levels, for various things. I feel great shame that I so seldom act on my shame. I feel great pride that I occasionally do act on my shame.

What a worthwhile topic to discuss.
Thanks to everyone. I've got lots to consider.

Hooker Sensei, whatever shame you feel, you got a lot of cause for pride too. You're a nice man. Not nearly enough of them out there.
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