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To me this sound as if your wife did some verbal tenkan movement... Here is a very similar story, more on the irimi side.
My father, who knows only a little bit about aikido, once picked up the phone to find someone from an insurance company on the other end. He told this person very politely that he wasn't interested but the other one still tried to convince my father to buy this insurance, that it was worth the money and wouldn't take too much time to get the contract, etc. My father, still very polite, answered that this guy was already wasting my fathers precious time and since he charged by the hour, wanted to know his name and location of the insurance company to send them a bill. The man was taken by surprise and gave his name and company. My father thanked him and ended the conversation. We had a good laugh imaginating this poor guy...
Obviously the man who did the call had "confessed" immediately while still in panic wondering what kind of bill would arrive because of his mistake of telling his name...
because next evening the phone rang again - it was the boss of the company who apologized for the incident and that my father would never be bothered again...


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