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Re: Aikido vs....

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
Bright as the sun and you still couldn't show a blind man light.

Come on folks. Did you read the posts talking about knees, elbows, etc.? Oh!?

Did you compare my Aikido experience to yours?

What is it, you're dropping in without responding to the points already made?

I am choosing to respond to specific questions, where I feel I have experience that may be useful to others.

RonJon, listen up. You may think you're particularly talented, or disciplined, or have some kind of cerebral/conceptual edge because of your devotion to Aikido. Believe me, many many many posters on this forum have been where you're at and gone far, far beyond. I would display a little more humility, as some highly experienced budoka have openly offered insights that could really put you ahead in the learning curve. I am not the blind one, my friend.

If you really want to compare experiences, Aikido or otherwise, I am certainly game. But people can talk or post for hours and not really achieve ANYTHING if the parties involved are closed off to what's being offered.

If you really want to know the answers to your questions, you have to FEEL them, then you'll realize some degree of truth. Actually experience techniques. Enough with the books and anecdotes. They'll cast an Aiki-spell on you that will detach you from reality. Ground yourself through testing your skills. From the heel up.

You have an open invitation to come to my grappling class, where I teach a BJJ curriculum to many talented and dedicated Aikidoka. They see the light, recognize the value of cross-training, and grow from the alternate training methods offered. I can only hope you will evolve into such an open minded Budoka.


Roy Dean
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