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Re: Aikido vs....

Chris Sacksteder wrote:
I'm just jumping in here and saying that some of that homework be done on someone else's mat. If you want to evaluate aikido vs. BJJ (in this particular case) then you also have to have an understand of BJJ, and you need to get into a BJJ class to do that homework.

Going back to the Kali thread, if you want to understand how aikido provides options against Kali (or a stick oriented art) then your homework should include some time in and with that art.


Geeze. What you're responding to is a tangent from the initial idea. The tangent seems to be an effort to demonstrate that Aikido principles can be practiced by an Aikidoka on the was not an assessment of BJJ or any other art beyond that.

Regarding the Kali thread (which should probably have been stated there): A point of this thread...and a point a made in that that all arts are rooted in body movement. Aikido trains to recognize body movements. Unless Kali or any other MA has figured out a way to contradict the thus-far ways in which the human body moves, regardless of weapon held, Aikido trains for it.

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