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Verbal Aikido

I've read a bit about verbal aikido, both here and elsewhere, and have recently found myself sometimes analyzing conversations for their potential aikido-ness. Well, the other day my wife picked up the phone only to find a telemarketer on the other end. Whereas I would have cut the person off quick she calmly listened to his whole speil, ever polite. Then at the end she expressed her lack of interest in said product/service and ended the conversation with a cheerful "But I appreciate the call!"

I, with my newfound aikido listening skills, instantly pounced on her with glee, asking eagerly if she'd ever heard of verbal aikido (she is the same rank as I am, humble 5th kyu). She gave me a confused look and asked what that was. I proceeded to outline my poor vision of what verbal aikido was, going so far as to say that an aggressive verbal redirection might be thought of as irimi, while a tenkan might be a "Well, I'm sorry you feel that way" kind of a deal.

Without batting an eye she reasoned, "So if I wanted to throw an atemi in there it would be 'Bitch! Sorry you feel that way.'"

What can you say to that?

Chris Pasley
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