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Thomas Domroess
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World Games 2005 in Germany

Dear all,
and Dung Nguyen,

there were 1800 participants. We had organized round about 2600 square meter of tatami and we had a place of 800 square meter for practicing jo and bokken. We didn't get more space from the World Games organization. I have to apologize me in the name of the Aikikai Germany, but we had done what we could do.

Dung Nguyen we didn't meet us. But the people I had spoken were amazed about the event and the organization. In the years before this event I was on many seminars like this and it was always the same compression of people. It is a little like a morning class of the Doshu in Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

By the way:
We will produce a DVD.
The DVD (probably a Double Layer DVD (8.5 Gbyte) with up to 4 hours Video) will contain the following chapters:
- Official Demonstrations with the Doshu and other prominent Aikido Masters
- Jubilee Seminars with the Doshu and Japanese and European Aikido Masters
- Official Celebrations of the 40th Anniversary of Aikido in Germany and 50 years Aikido by Master Asai
- Party with the Big Bonsai Brothers Band.

You can order this DVD and a anniversary T-Shirt under

Best regards

Thomas Domroess
Vice President
Public Relations / Aikikai Germany
Aikido-Schule Charlottenstrasse
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