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Sorry Mick,

I only realised the name after I made the post.

And you're right, I think one of the reasons why Aikido is so great is because "Aiki" means blending (among other things) which also leads to understanding i.e. in the context of understanding the other person's perspective and then harmonising with that other perspective to bring about a peaceful resolution.

Ever realise how most techniques have us facing the same direction as our partner at some point? (Sharing the same point of view perhaps?)

Aiki gives us the tool to realise that "normal" can be "anything" depending on one's perception. As such, through this "blending" we are able to harmonise with any sort of situation, aggression or character that we may meet in the real world, even though their concept of "normal" may be alien to ours.

"If your heart is large enough to encompass your enemy, you can see right through his attack." O-Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba.

Regards to you


--Mushin Mugamae - No Mind No Posture. He who is possessed by nothing possesses everything.--
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